Birdy here again!  I am gearing up to hike the scenic Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada this spring.

I plan to start from Crazy Cook, New Mexico on April 26th, 2014.  The Continental Divide Trail Coalition has pulled a permit and started up a shuttle service for two weeks to support hikers during the 2014 season.  They are driving hikers from Lordsburg, New Mexico to the rugged (just about sure to get a flat tire) 20 mile dirt approach road.  They offer to drop of hikers at the monument which is on the Mexico-New Mexico Border for 60 dollars per ride.  They are also helping hikers cache (place) water along the trail in locations where it water scarce and vital.  This is a dream come true and something I very much appreciate!  I am so excited to meet the C.D.T.C. crew!

Here in Chicago am busy finalizing my gear selection, organizing resupply and completing the many mundane tasks (taxes) before I leave Chicago mid April for New Mexico.  I decided to call Park Rangers to gather information on Colorado trail conditions. How I love to chat with the Park Rangers!  They are awesome.  It seems like there may be a lot of snow this season due to the recent weather patterns that have been sending precipitation across the Rockies.  I may need to buy snowshoes after all!

A friend is going to drive me to Lordsburg, New Mexico and we plan to do a little birding along the way.  Looking for the endangered Gunnison Sage-Grouse in Colorado and Greater Prairie Chicken in Kansas are two birds on our list.  We plan to stop a  Lek (grouse breeding ground)  on the mountain prairies near Gunnison, Colorado, where the Sage-Grouse can (hopefully) be seen from a designated parking area.  You are required to look from your car because the birds are under federal protection.  We hope for the chance to observe their courtship dance which is a spring ritual.

The countdown has begun!